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This is the Final Night   
10:35pm 11/10/2005
  well as i lay here in the dark, the only thing luminating the room is the gentle glow from the laptop screen i have decided to conclude this chapter of my Livejournal Legacy. I have used this LJ to record this "chapter" of my life so far. I have made new friends, and I have grown apart from old ones. through heart breaks and triumphs, and through just total nonsense that i have need to get out at late hours of the night.

I have matured and grown as a person. with a new life there's always a new beginning.

this LJ has seen the formation of a band, its progress and its down fall after i had joined a much more stable band.

I have seen and experienced things that i would love to just do all over again and some that i could simply go without and have recorded almost everything in this LJ.

It has seen relationships flurish and die...my interests come and go like the leaves on a tree.

I have left the place that i have learned to call home...even though not being originally from maine, but since i have lived in mechanic falls for about 18 years all my memories are there but to grow you have to leave that familiar place and memories to make new ones.

yet there are still things that i have yet to accomplish thus far in my life i will continue pushing forward.

I will continue on as...


Image hosted by Photobucket.com
I miss this girl alot!
I wish something would of happened between us

I leave LastNightsOver as i write these last few words and close this chapter of my life.


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09:31pm 09/10/2005
  so yeah everytime i die was awesome...

my roomamte broke his nose at the show

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new tattoo here i come!   
09:48am 08/10/2005
  this is going to be my next tattoo

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

It's going to be a lot cheaper then i thought...i was shootign for high 500 maybe 600 but its going to be two 2 hour sittings. its only gonna cost me $450

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Beauty Queens from a Movie Scene   
10:34pm 06/10/2005
  i miss bane tonight it up set me

i need to find a lady that i can relate to.

ive ebeen listening to 80's micheal jackson

this weekends agenda:

work 3-11 pm maybe something after...if something comes up

making tattoo appointment
hot date with Deanna

EVERYTIME I DIE aka Kill kid's fest '05

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im going to die in a firy ball of glory   
10:03pm 04/10/2005
  i can't stop listenign to the following:

Kanye West
Horse The Band
Sigur Ros

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01:07am 02/10/2005
  well i told her

she jsut wants to be friends

thats cool though.

im not upset

last night when from good to shitty


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shit son   
05:41pm 30/09/2005
  we's partying on orange street bitches...

this weekend will be full of drinking and working

and maybe letting her know

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Gold diggers   
09:33pm 29/09/2005
  yeah...i pretty much love the new kanye west  

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10:33am 29/09/2005
  new laptop = jeff back on aim  

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post number 2 tonight   
09:50pm 26/09/2005
  well im still sitting infront of this damn computer with nothing to do

basically im sitting here being fucking all moppy and shit and i hate that. i stop listening to sigur ros because i think it was making me even more depressed. i have jsut finished my Silk Chai which was making me happy because it was delicious but now its gone :(

it's kind of weird being home.

i've been working alot lately. bullmoose and movie gallery are taking up alot of my life. i mean ill be making money but it just sucks because i always work in the afternoon into the night.

i think im going to quit movie gallery soon

i dont know what else to bitch about. i think that might be it for tonight.

the more it think about it the more i want to tell her...i dont know why i can't

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im all about that shit!   
07:46pm 26/09/2005
  im at my rents house right now. i needed to do laundry and get my car inspected.

i've been listening to a lot of sigur ros lately.

my situation is still the same with my new interest. im still a wuss and she still doesn't know i ilike her. man i suck!


i wish this was easier!


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05:25pm 24/09/2005
mood: contemplative
well life is good right now i have a rad job and my room mates rock.

I finally got Emilia off my mind. which is awesome because i couldnt keep waiting i mean we are still friends. which is a good thing.

I like someone else now :)

i want to tell her but being the wuss that i am i always have an anxitity attack when i want to tell her. i try to drop hints but so far no dice. we've hang out a couple times which was a good time. i swear that most of the texts in my phone are ones from her. i wish i wasnt such a wuss so i could be like "hey...i like you!". *sigh* but nope i always find myself thinking of her all the time.

I really gotta stop being a wuss and tell her!


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10:28pm 23/09/2005
  fuck im not in school this semester

I work at the scarborough bullmoose what now bitches!

party at my place on the 30th!

call me for more info bitches!


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06:37pm 30/08/2005
  School starts in less the a week

im excited. I've seen so many people in the past couple days it made me happy

i love my friends frokm school

but i also miss my friends not from school


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01:34am 12/08/2005
  I live in portland now. but right now im at the parents house in mechanic falls getting some shit i left behind and staying for a couple days. be back in portland satuday at some point i believe.

i won tickets to MeWithoutYou from Wcyy haha oh the glory of having to listen to shitty radio and randomly calling in when they say they are giving away ticekts and actually getting through hahaha. hey less money i have t ospend haha!

oh and i should be online at the apartment in about a week so leave me lots of love!


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Last Night in Town   
01:26am 10/08/2005
  tonight was my last night living in mechanic falls. tomorrow portland...the after that...THE WORLD!!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA  

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12:02am 07/08/2005
  3 days left

i need a hair cut

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02:36am 06/08/2005
  4 days and counting  

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I want to be the one that says the last Goodnight   
12:08am 02/08/2005
  well 8 days and counting. I;m very excited to be moving down to portland...i need it so badly. you dont even believe how much i need to get out of this town.

I want to meet a new lady. i dotn think i can keep waiting for her. I jsut want to find one that i can be like wow...this girl is amazing. Hopefully it happens soon. *sigh* it's like you know there is something missing and you know what will fil in that hole but you can't pin point away to do it. it seems like its been along time since i ad a really smile on my face due to having someone.

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11:06am 01/08/2005
  i'm addicted to OZ now thats an awesome show!

i've been called pretty like 4 times in one day
guys arent pretty they are studly!

9 days till im in portland
im living with Kara (mama gates) damien and marc

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